Specials and Electives


Students will become familiar with the concepts of melody, harmony, rhythm, and form through activities that involve reading, writing, singing, moving, listening, playing instruments, improvising and composing. Through this program, students will develop an understanding of how music can enhance their daily lives, become familiar with the basics of reading, performing, and composing music, and understand different styles and the history of western and non-western styles of music.


Drama offers students opportunities to engage in and explore acting and theater holistically. Students are challenged to devise and perform on stage, manage, produce, design and execute technical aspects of theater, and to become critical, analytical, and appreciative audiences.


Provides a space for students to explore artistic techniques and materials as they develop creativity and manual dexterity. Through the use of different techniques and artistic materials, this activity aims to develop students’ fine motor skills in a way that allows them to express their creativity. Our main goal is to strengthen their confidence and motivate them to reach their fullest potential.


Physical Education classes are designed to practice and develop skills in activities that will help students maintain fitness throughout their life. We aim to have students appreciate the importance of physical well-being and its relationship to the intellectual, mental, and social health of all individuals.

In the CCHS mini-gym, students engage in psychomotricity. In this space, movement is considered a means of expression, communication and a relationship of the human being with others as it plays an important role in the harmonious development of the personality, since the child not only develops his motor skills but also those related to the intellectual, linguistic and affective. These activities facilitate the acquisition of body schema and allow children to become aware and aware of their own body. Students create habits that facilitate learning, improve memory, attention and concentration, as well as their creativity.